Juliet Barker, Technician

Ünal lab, 2015-2017

Juliet is a first-year graduate student at MIT!!!


Devon Harris, Technician

Weis lab West, 2015-2017

Devon is a first-year grad student in Dev Bio at some university in Palo Alto!! ;)


Katie Conlon, Technician

Ünal lab, 2014-2016

Katie is a second-year graduate student at Johns Hopkins in the BCMB program!


Laura Torres

Ünal lab, 2015-2016

Laura is currently a Special Projects Coordinator at the Health Initiative of the Americas in the UC-Berkeley School of Public Health!


Crystal Zhong, Undergraduate Researcher

Brar lab, 2015-2016

Crystal is now getting some bioengineering lab experience before applying to graduate school!


Rachel Cohen-Kupeic, Visiting Researcher

Ünal lab, 2015-2016

After a year with us, Rachel is back in Israel, in the Tuller lab at Tel Aviv University!


Sabina Cook, Undergraduate Researcher

Ünal lab, 2015-2016


Tiffany Rajah, Undergraduate Researcher

Brar lab, 2015-2016

Tiffany is preparing to apply to medical school!


Heba Farag, Media Specialist

both labs, 2014-2015


Paige Diamond, Undergraduate Researcher, Amgen Scholar 

Brar lab, Summer 2015

Paige is an MCB graduate student in the Ingolia lab!


Clarence Yeung, Undergraduate Researcher

Brar lab, 2014-2015

Clarence is a graduate student in Toronto!!


Adriana Koek, Technician

Br-Ün affiliate (Weis lab West), 2014-2015

Adriana is in her third year of medical school! We wish her all the best! She'll be an amazing doctor.


Ryan Joyner, Graduate Student

Br-Ün affiliate (Weis lab West), 2014-2015

After finishing TWO (!) graduate degrees at Berkeley, Ryan moved on to bigger and better things as a health care consultant in San Francisco.