Elçin Ünal

PI, Ünal lab

elcin [at] berkeley.edu


Gloria Brar

PI, Brar lab

gabrar [at] berkeley.edu


Christiane Brune

Lab Manager, joint between both labs

brune [at] berkeley.edu


Keerthana Chetlapalli

Undergraduate Researcher,  Ünal lab


Jing Chen

Graduate Student, Ünal lab

jxc415 [at] berkeley.edu

I'm interested in how the kinetochore undergoes dynamic remodeling in meiosis. Specifically, I study an outer kinetochore protein called Ndc80. This protein is a key kinetochore subunit that directly interacts with microtubules. Interesting, it is also the only kinetochore subunit that we have shown so far to be down regulated in meiotic prophase. I am studying how this down-regulation is achieved at the levels of transcription, translation, and protein degradation. Outside of lab, I enjoy painting, hiking, and watching TV :).


Yuzhang (YZ) Chen

Technician,  Ünal lab

yuzhangchen [at] berkeley.edu

I am a chemical engineering undergraduate joint between both labs. My projects are based on engineering dCas9 with additional domains to increase its utility. With additional domains, the enzyme can be controlled more effectively, allowing for greater use in genetic screens. The expanded use of this enzyme could also result in greater control over biological processes in industry, leading to greater flexibility.


Ze Cheng

Graduate Student, Brar lab

zecheng [at] berkeley.edu


Tia Cheunkarndee

Undergraduate Researcher, Brar lab



Amy Eisenberg

Graduate Student,  Brar lab

aeisenberg [at] berkeley.edu

I am studying the role of alternative open reading frames in meiosis. I also use yeast for its beer brewing purposes, and I love being outside swimming and hiking!


Jay Goodman

Graduate Student,  Ünal lab

jaysgoodman [at] berkeley.edu

I am interested in understanding how the vacuole contributes to the removal of aged-induced cellular damage during meiosis and the reset in replicative lifespan. Outside of lab I like hanging out in San Francisco, hiking in Tilden Park and rooting for my favorite Chicago sports teams!


Mounika Gopi

Undergraduate Researcher, Brar lab


Anthony Harris

Graduate Student, Ünal lab


Andrea Higdon

Graduate Student,  Brar lab


Ina Hollerer

Postdoctoral Researcher,  Brar lab


Vicki Jorgensen

Technician, Ünal lab


Pallavi Joshi

Undergraduate Researcher,  Ünal lab


Grant King

Graduate Student,  Ünal lab



Kate Morse

Graduate Student,  Ünal lab

kate_morse [at] berkeley.edu


George Otto

Graduate Student, Brar lab

george.otto [at] berkeley.edu

I am interested in understanding how programmed changes in ER structure regulate ER-dependent processes during meiosis. When not in lab, I like to be outside hiking, running, or playing soccer.


Emily Powers

Graduate Student, Brar lab

epow [at] berkeley.edu

I am interested in the mechanisms underlying the translational regulation of specific genes during meiosis.  Outside of lab I love skiing, hiking, IPAs, and the beach.



Eric Sawyer

Graduate Student,  Ünal lab

sawyer.ericm [at] gmail.com

I am studying a meiosis-specific mitochondrial segregation pathway. I enjoy beekeeping on sunny days outside of lab!


Tina Sing

Postdoctoral Researcher,  Ünal lab

tina.sing [at] berkeley.edu

I am interested in identifying gametogenesis-specific genes that can be utilized outside of their normal developmental process to prevent or remove age-associated damage from vegetative cells. Outside of the lab, I enjoy soccer, stouts, and hanging out with my cat, Charlie.


Amanda Su

Graduate Student,  Ünal lab

amandasu [at] berkeley.edu


Amy Tresenrider

Graduate Student, Ünal lab

atresenrider [at] berkeley.edu

My project focuses primarily on understanding the meiotic regulation of the outer kinetochore subunit Ndc80 which is critical for the attachment of the kinetochore to the microtubules.  Additionally, I am starting work investigating the meiotic transcription factor Ndt80 (not to be confused with Ndc80) and the genes it controls.  When I get a chance, I like to explore the restaurants in the area and go climbing.


Alec Uebersohn

Graduate Student, Brar lab

auebersohn [at] berkeley.edu


Kelsey Van Dalfsen

Graduate Student, Brar lab

kvandalfsen [at] berkeley.edu

I am examining the biological consequences of meiotic UPR induction. When I'm not in lab, I'm watching the Seattle Seahawks or exploring the beautiful Bay Area! 


Helen Vander Wende

Graduate Student,  Brar lab

hvanderwende [at] berkeley.edu

I am studying the meiotic regulation of genes that code for aggregation-prone proteins. Outside of lab, I love to draw, do yoga, make ice cream, and try new fermentative byproducts from our yeasty friends.


Ashley Zheng

Undergraduate Researcher, Brar lab


Budding Yeast

Lab Model, joint between both labs

awesome.budding.yeast [at] gmail.com

I am an ingenious and helpful lab member involved in each and every project in both labs. I am quite loyal despite years of freeze-thawing. In my free time, I like to participate in baking and brewing, especially at Cheeseboard collective and Triple Rock (when they used to have a menu that happily featured some items without pears).



Lab Pet, joint between both labs (officially with Yma)

I am the lab's wiggly ball of fluff! Need cuddles? I'm here! Need kisses? I'm here! Have extra lunch? I'm definitely here (especially if it's Jing's)!! When I'm not in lab, I like learning new tricks, hanging with my friends (dogs and humans), and taking long walks with lots of smells.