Br-Ün News

December 2017: Amy Tresenrider wins the best talk prize at the Bay Area RNA Meeting!

June 2017: Amy Eisenberg wins the MCF Spring Syposium poster prize!

May 2017: Emily Powers passed her quals!!! And that's a full set, folks :). (extra amazing email announcement here)

April 2017: Alec Uebersohn and Andrea Higdon join the Brar lab!!!

April 2017: Anthony Harris joins the Ünal lab!!!

April 2017: Helen Vander Wende passed her quals!!! (email announcement here)

April 2017: Jay Goodman passed his quals!!! (email announcement here)

March 2017: Helen Vander Wende is chosen for an Outstanding GSI Award!

March 2017: The Br-Ün lab is so proud of our NSF applicants! Emily Powers is a recipient of an NSF predoctoral fellowship!! Helen Vander Wende, Jay Goodman, and Juliet Barker receive Honorable Mention for their fantastic applications!!

March 2017: Grant King passes his quals!!! (email announcement here)

February 2017: The Ünal lab welcomes Justin Roncaioli and the the Brar lab welcomes Alec Uebersohn for the third rotation!!

November 2016: The Ünal lab welcomes Anthony Harris for the second rotation!! The Brar lab welcomes Joseph Paul and Andrea Higdon!!

October 2016: Elçin is awarded an NIH Director's New Innovator Award!

September 2016: Chris's paper is accepted in eLife!!

September 2016: Ze Cheng wins a poster award at the CDB retreat!!

June 2016: Hanna Liao and Pallavi Joshi join the Ünal lab as undergraduate researchers! Soyun Park joins the Brar lab as an undergraduate researcher!

June 15th, 2016: Ina Hollerer becomes our first postdoc! Welcome, Ina!!

June 9th, 2016: Gloria is a Pew Scholar!

April 29th, 2016: Grant King has finally made his decision. :) He will take his talents to the Ünal lab! Find his historic announcement here!

April 28th, 2016: Helen Vander Wende and Emily Powers join the Brar lab!!!

April 28th, 2016: Jay Goodman joins the Ünal lab!!!

April 21st, 2016: Amy E. passes her quals!!!! (email announcement here)

April 20th, 2016: George passes his quals!!!! (email announcement here)

March 29th, 2016: Eric passes his quals!!!! (email announcement here)

February 23rd, 2016: Gloria is awarded a Sloan Research Fellowship!

February 15th, 2016: The Ünal lab welcomes Sara Choo and Jay Goodman for the third rotation!!

November 30th, 2015: The Ünal lab welcomes rotation students Ryan Holly and Grant King!! The Brar lab welcomes rotation students Helen Vander Wende and Chris Duncan-Lewis!!

November, 2015: We are excited to welcome our first postdoc, Ina Hollerer, to the Brar lab!!! She will start with us officially in early summer 2016!

October 25th, 2015: Kelsey wins a prize for her talk at the MCB GGD retreat at Asilomar!!

October 21st, 2015: Amy T. wins a prize for her poster at the international EMBO meeting on the noncoding genome in Heidelberg!!

October 2015: Gloria is awarded an NIH Director's New Innovator Award!

September 28th, 2015: The first rotation begins! The Ünal lab welcomes Ashley Albright and Dylan Carter!! The Brar lab welcomes Emily Powers and Davis Goodnight!!

September 20th, 2015: Amy E. wins a poster prize at the MCB CDB retreat at Granlibakken!!

September 2015: Juliet Barker and Sarah Guo join us as undergraduate researchers!! They'll be working with Eric and Amy E.! Devon Harris joins us as a technician, working with Leon!!

July 2015: George Otto joins the Brar lab!!!

June 8th, 2013: Lawrence Cheung, Sabina Cook, Tiffany Rajah, Laura Torres, and Crystal Zhong join us as undergraduate researchers!!

June 2nd, 2013: Paige Diamond joins us as an Amgen scholar from Drake University!!

May 29th, 2015: Clarence Yeung moves back to UBC to finish up his degree and start grad school applications! We look forward to trying to bring him back to Berkeley! :)

May 13th, 2015: Ze Cheng passes his quals! Some pics here! (email announcement here)

May 8th, 2015: Kelsey Van Dalfsen passes her quals! Pics here! (email announcement here)

May 2015: George Otto rotates in the Brar lab!

April 2015: Amy Eisenberg (Amy Sr.) joins the Brar lab!!!

April 2015: Eric Sawyer joins the Ünal lab!!! 

April 21st, 2015: Yma (Amy T) passes her quals! A few pics here. (email announcement here)

April 15th, 2015: Jing passes her quals! Pics from her party here. (email announcement here)

March 2015: Kelsey and Jing are awarded NSF Graduate Fellowships!!!!

March 2015: Adriana Koek leaves us for medical school. We'll miss her! Circus goodbye party pictures here.

January 2015: Elçin and Gloria are both awarded March of Dimes Basil O'Conner Starter Awards!

December 2014: Eric Sawyer and Amit Weiss rotate in the Ünal lab! Alan Wang rotates in the Brar lab!

November 2014: Elçin is named a Damon Runyan-Rachleff Innovation awardee!

October 2014: Gloria receives the Winkler Family Biological Sciences award!

October 2014: Amy Eisenberg and Dom Castanzo rotate in the Brar lab!

September 2014: Nica Sabouni and Clarence Yeung join us as undergraduate researchers!

August 2014: Ünal and Brar lab website launch

July 2014: Elçin is named a Pew Scholar!

June 2014: Katie Conlon and Yuzhang Chen join us as summer students!

June 2014: Jing joins the Ünal lab!!!

May 2014: Amy joins the Ünal lab!!!

May 2014: Kelsey and Ze join the Brar lab!!! 

May 2014: Jing Chen rotates in the Ünal lab!

April 2014: Br-Ün lab warming party

March 2014: Jack Wang and Elijah Mena rotate in the Ünal lab!

March 2014: Kelsey Van Dalfsen and Ze Chang rotate in the Brar lab!

February 2014: Heba Farag joins us as media specialist!

January 2014: Brar and Ünal labs (aka Br-Ün lab) officially launch in 628 Barker Hall 

December 2014: Amy Tresenrider and Rebecca Lamothe are the first Ünal lab rotation students!

December 2014: Celeste Riepe is the first Brar lab rotation student!

November 2013: The amazing Christiane Brune agrees to join the Ünal and Brar team as lab manager!!!

October 2013: Elçin moves to Berkeley