Quals emails!


Amanda entered her qual activated and ready to hit all the targets. Her committee caught her ORF guard with a few questions, but she SWItched on her 5’ thinking cap and they could not interfere with her success. After cyclin’ through many rounds of questions, they all agreed she has differentiated from a budding scientist to a PhD candidate. Come overexpress your excitement with us in the Barker Penthouse!

Party happening now on the 6th floor of Barker!


Nothing β about THIS Gal!!
Kate is pupped up and bouncing with excitement after a hugely successful qual. Her committee Set2 or 3 traps in the polyQ region of the exam, but couldn't suppressor in the end. She Snf'd out their questions, leaving nothing undecoded. They declared her a leader in the field of gene regulation and decided to promoter to candidacy!
Come join us in the 6th floor Barker penthouse at 2:00 pm to celebrate Kate!
Best,The Ünal and Brar labs <3


This just in...Sum1 is officially qualified!!!

Anthony has joined the prestigious ranks of the Qual Avengers.

His committee tried to break his spirit, but he ChIPPed away at their strength and stamina, finally stunning them with a fluorescent reporter of impossible power.

Come celebrate his triumph in the Barker Penthouse (Barker 624). 



Attention mesdames, messieurs, et al.!

News that Andrea has officially mORFed into a PhD Candidate has just been TRANSLATED.

Despite some rocky questions from her committee, she PUShed herself and climbed to the PEAK of success.

Ready to tell Andrea "toutes nos félicitations" (congratulations)?

Enjoy a French 75 cocktail while dining on a delicious crepe in the Barker Penthouse (6th Floor).

All are welcome to celebrate with Andrea, so bring your best BUDS and stop by!


Alec: Oh. My. Osis. Alec didn’t just pass his qual—he creamed it!


Alec impressed his committee with his flexible linker, which more than compensated for his small, truncated proteins. They made a FUS when he showed them his ASS reporter, but he wooed them back with his mating pheromone expertise. In the end, they decided Alec was a good spore and Lyft-ed him to candidacy.

Come celebrate with the newly budded candidate and social media stud at Barker Penthouse (6th floor Barker). It’s about to get noncanonical.

Emily: Emily crushed her qual like six feet of fresh Tahoe powder. She established dominance early, inviting her committee to "cash her ousside" if they had any problems with her proposal. Thankfully, Randy was too distracted by the cheese platter to notice the threat, and once the pepper jack was gone he had to ski-daddle.

Her committee tried Pusheen her limits, but they had to paws as Emily enthralled them with her description of regulated ubi-kitten synthesis during meowsis. By the end, her mastery of translational regulation had Kitty Cate purring. She passed by more than a whisker, securin her place as the Brar lab's newest doctoral candidate!!

Join us in the Chiron Room (434 Barker) at 4:00 for a Fancy Feast! PBR, shotski, and deep-fried oreos are all on offer!

It wasn't all smooth sailing though - follow link here (goo.gl/BdRTYu) for footage of one of the testier moments during Emily's qual.

(subject line: CATS MEOWSSIDE, HOWBOW DAH?!?)

Helen: Hel yea!! Congrats Helen!!!! Her committee reported that she did a sUPR job as she SOD through their questions with ease. When they challenged her on her claim that ROS is not a cool cat, Helen told her committee to SOD off... It was super effective. Help Helen optimize her in vivo assay for alcohol dehydrogenase activity at her party, happening NOW in Barker Penthouse - it’s free AND radical!

Jay: Jay passed! His committee’s questions were no match for his stress tolerance. Their questions about autophagy were self-(def)eating, because Jay already knew it all. Come celebrate our Little Star in the Barker Penthouse (aka 6th floor).

Grant: Grant pored through all his knowledge and successfully exported it to his committee. In other words: He kaled them softly with his sweet microscopy. Come celebrate with Grant in the Barker Penthouse (6th floor Barker). Kale yeah!

Amy E: We are hoppy to announce: Amy passed! You’ve probably always wondered… What is a yeast? Amy has finally answered this time-old question. She intoxicated her committee with her BeerA fusion proteins and used her mastery of lactimidomycin at the start to halt them in their steps. Come join us at altORF Brewery (aka 6th floor Barker) to celebrate!

George: Yop, that’s right! His committee found his knowledge inSPOrational and his proposal well-Rtn. They tried to perturb his network of thoughts, but he maintained homeostasis. Atlastin, George can kick back and enjoy his favorite growth medium: cold brew coffee YPD.Come join us in the 6th floor Barker coffeehouse at 2pm to celebrate with a Reticulon Brew. Don’t drink so much that you go to the ER….

Eric: Good News MCB! Eric was the powerhouse of his qual and the star of the SPO. He struck FEAR into the hearts of his committee, induced the collapse of their (mitochondrial) network of questions, and escaped without (bud) scars. After much hard work he can finally relax and respire with his buds. Join us for an official celebration of Eric's awesomeness next Thursday (April 7th) at 4pm where we will be PARKIN in the Barker penthouse. Prepare to go yeast mode!

Ze: Ze was in the ribozone and scored a hat trick with three perfect aims. Come join us on the 6th floor of Barker for brunch and video games!

Kelsey: Kelsey’s committee failed to induce her stress response because she really knew her FACS! She HACked away at all of their questions, so come join our (Ocho) Cinco de Mayo party on the 6th floor of Barker!

Amy T: Amy ChIPped away her committee, so now she is ready for her random animal facts party! Come join us in the Barker Penthouse (i.e. Brar-Ünal lounge, 6th floor) to celebrate!

Jing: Jing kinetoTORE her committee apart, so come party like it's 1999 on the second floor of LKS! #JingThings #WWJD #NailedIt #WhyNotJing?