Katie Conlon, Technician

Ünal lab, 2014-2016

Katie is a first-year graduate student at Johns Hopkins in the BCMB program! We miss her dearly, but are also so proud of her success!


Laura Torres

Ünal lab, 2015-2016

Laura is currently a Special Projects Coordinator at the Health Initiative of the Americas in the UC-Berkeley School of Public Health!


Crystal Zhong, Undergraduate Researcher

Brar lab, 2015-2016

Crystal is now getting some bioengineering lab experience before applying to graduate school!


Rachel Cohen-Kupeic, Visiting Researcher

Ünal lab, 2015-2016

After a year with us, Rachel is back in Israel, in the Tuller lab at Tel Aviv University!


Sabina Cook, Undergraduate Researcher

Ünal lab, 2015-2016


Tiffany Rajah, Undergraduate Researcher

Brar lab, 2015-2016

Tiffany is preparing to apply to medical school!


Heba Farag, Media Specialist

both labs, 2014-2015


Paige Diamond, Undergraduate Researcher, Amgen Scholar 

Brar lab, Summer 2015

Paige will be joining us at Berkeley as an MCB graduate student in the fall of 2016!


Clarence Yeung, Undergraduate Researcher

Brar lab, 2014-2015

Clarence left us to return to UBC to finish his undergrad degree. We already miss him (and his macarons), but we wish him the best in graduate school at the University of Toronto!


Adriana Koek, Technician

Br-Ün affiliate (Weis lab West), 2014-2015

Adriana is in her second year of medical school! We wish her all the best! She'll be an amazing doctor.


Ryan Joyner, Graduate Student

Br-Ün affiliate (Weis lab West), 2014-2015

After finishing TWO (!) graduate degrees at Berkeley, Ryan moved on to bigger and better things as a health care consultant in San Francisco.